Best Thanksgiving Ringtones to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to start preparing for the season and spreading the holiday cheers. And what better way is there to celebrate one of America’s greatest holidays than to use a Thanksgiving tune as our ringtone? That way, we will be reminded of the festivities every time our phone rings!

With that in mind, we have selected some of our favorite Thanksgiving ringtones. To make things even better, they can all be downloaded free of charge!

Top 12 Thanksgiving Ringtones to Celebrate the Turkey Day

1. Happy Thanksgiving to All

This Thanksgiving hit is a must-have ringtone for all kids who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s. Happy Thanksgiving to All is a popular single from Greg & Steve’s best-selling album Holidays & Special Times. Even though the song has been covered multiple times, we like to stick with the original. What’s so great about this ringtone is that, besides boosting the holiday spirit, it can also awaken our childhood nostalgia.

2. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Speaking of our childhood, is there anyone who didn’t love watching Snoopy and Charlie Brown’s adventures? So, we have decided that the soundtrack from Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Vince Guaraldi Trio is one of the perfect Thanksgiving ringtones for fans of this holiday. To make things even better, this jazz tune is neither silly nor childish. Thus, we can use it even in a professional environment.

3. Thanksgiving Day

Sir Ray Davies, also known as “the godfather of Britpop,” has made some legendary music. Among his memorable hits, we found one of the best Thanksgiving ringtones — Thanksgiving Day. This soft rock tune will work fantastically on anyone’s phone. It’s loud and groovy enough so we can’t miss it, and yet it truly inspires the holiday cheers.

4. Traditionally Peaceful Thanksgiving

For those who love and appreciate traditions and slower tunes, we have a fantastic Thanksgiving ringtone. Traditionally Peaceful Thanksgiving is a beautiful and calm piano melody. However, it’s not yet another generic holiday instrumental — we can hear the sounds of the farm animals in the background. It reminds us of the countryside, peaceful lifestyle, and old customs.

5. Thank God I’m a Country Boy

John Denver’s hit Thank God I’m a Country Boy can be a fantastic Thanksgiving ringtone in its own right. However, we believe that besides reminding us to be thankful, the holiday should also be fun. So, we’ve decided to include the Alvin and the Chipmunks’ cover of this timeless hit. When our phone starts ringing with this tune, everyone from the youngest to the oldest in our environment can’t help but start singing along.

6. Thank You for Being a Friend

Even though Golden Girls’s run on TV ended over 25 years ago, it still remains one of the most popular and beloved shows. Of course, the theme song Thank You for Being a Friend sung by Cynthia Fee reached almost the same level of popularity as the show. Even though this version is not the original, it is still the one closest to our hearts. What’s more, it not only reminds us of the show but also inspires us to appreciate our friendships and be thankful for them.

7. We Gather Together

There probably isn’t a song in the world that reminds us of Thanksgiving as much as We Gather Together. Originally written as a Christian hymn of Dutch origin, this evergreen song is today commonly sung during Thanksgiving dinners and festivities. You can also hear it in American churches before Thanksgiving. Therefore, it is one of the essential Thanksgiving ringtones for all holiday lovers.

8. The Turkey Song

Of course, not all Thanksgiving ringtones have to be serious — there are plenty of turkey ringtones that will inspire some laughs and fit the holiday perfectly. Our absolute favorite is the Turkey Song. The melody is fast, catchy, and uplifting so every time our phone rings, our mood instantly gets better. We also love the lyrics which explain what’s so great about Thanksgiving and how everyone enjoys it. Well, everyone except the poor turkey.

9. Flirting Turkey

Did you know that Thanksgiving turkey ringtones can be flirtatious? Well, maybe not in the traditional way, but Flirting Turkey ringtone is kind of romantic. With smooth music in the background, we hear a couple of turkeys exchanging sexy gobble-gobbles. What we love the most about this ringtone is that it is hilarious, original, and seasonal at the same time. What’s not to love?

10. Addams Family Play Song

Since the new Addams Family movie has hit the big screen, the world’s most famous macabre family is back in the spotlight. Those of us who grew up with the original series and the 1990s movies, of course, have a soft spot for Addams Family Values. And above all, we adore the legendary Thanksgiving play song Eat Me! And honestly, is there anyone who didn’t burst into laughter when Pugsley showed up dressed as a turkey?

11. Thanksgiving Rap

Thanksgiving songs and rap don’t come hand in hand, right? Wrong! This fantastic Thanksgiving ringtone is perfect for all rap fans. It’s groovy, funny, and incredibly catchy. There’s one problem though — it mentions all sorts of delicious food. Thus, every time we hear it, our stomachs start growling and we just can’t wait for the Thanksgiving dinner.

12. Let’s Have a Dinner… Thanksgiving!

Of course, one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the dinner. With the whole family gathered, delicious food, and holiday spirit, most people find it the most enjoyable evening in the whole year. Thus, we consider Let’s Have a Dinner… Thanksgiving! one of the best Thanksgiving ringtones. This tune is many children’s favorite and the whole family will have fun when our phone starts ringing.

Bottom Line

Thanksgiving ringtones are a fantastic way to spread the joy and celebrate this amazing holiday. After all, they will put you and everyone around you in a festive, cheerful mood. Whether you are looking for a more serious and professional song or a funny and catchy melody, we’re sure one of these tunes will be a fantastic ringtone for you.

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Updated: November 30, 2019 — 6:04 am

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