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We all like some music in our lives. The more music, the better, actually. Of course, not everyone can buy music all the time, so people start downloading the things they like. However, that’s not legally the best option. Unless, of course, there are websites which allow us to download music without having to chit-chat with the police. But what are the best websites for free music in 2019? Well, we have a selection of websites that everyone can find useful.

Do the Best Websites for Free Music Also Have Ringtones?

Some do, some don’t. But there are apps that can help us when it comes to cellphone ringtones. One app, in particular, became a ‘rising star’ in terms of downloading ringtones for free, and that app is Myxer. If we visit their official website, we get a set of instructions and a nice little ‘how to’ guide to help us hunt down the best ringtones out there. They even offer a list of other apps that download free ringtones. In fact, they also provide a list of what they deem the best websites for free music — websites that carry only ringtones, of course.

Our Website List for 2019

1.              YouTube

No, let’s not get hasty! We are definitely NOT telling people to use a third-party website to download official videos from YouTube. That is illegal and can get our readers in trouble. But there is an option to download some music from YouTube. However, the song has to be under a Creative Commons license. Or, alternatively, in the public domain. If we want to use some of these songs, however, we have to credit the artist.

2.              CCTrax

CCTrax is on the list of the best websites for free music because of two major reasons. The first is that it has a massive platform that covers a lot of Creative Commons-licensed songs. We can browse and download any tune of our choice. The second reason is that the platform is very easy to use and is appealing to the eye. Of course, we once again have the issue of not getting the popular, modern-day tracks because of copyright law.

3.              Internet Archive (More Specifically, Audio Archive)

Why would an archive page be on the list of best websites for free music? The reason is simple — it offers far more than just music. In fact, we can find audio podcasts, audiobooks, radio programs and, most importantly, live music. We can even find some songs by popular bands of 2019 and download them fully within the law. The only problem is that the website isn’t categorized that well. We might have a bit of trouble actually finding the track we need.

4.              NoiseTrade

It’s nice when a quaint little page like NoiseTrade is one of the best websites for free music. Here, the artists themselves provide us with their albums free of charge. It’s a great way of learning about new bands and letting them get attention. The issue is, we have to provide our email address and postal code to download the full albums. However, it’s a small price to pay, as the music comes directly to us. Naturally, these aren’t the popular bands we might hear on the radio, but they nonetheless have a lot to offer.

5.              Jamendo

Jamendo often appears on lists of best websites for free music. It’s very similar to NoiseTrade, as each track is by an independent artist. However, they are all covered by Creative Commons, so we can download them and listen to them for free.

6.              ReverbNation

A lot of people hold ReverbNation in high regard. It’s one of the best websites for free music because it was one of the first sites to offer that option. Many hip-hop and alternative rock bands found their fame here, such as Imagine Dragons and The Civil Wars. How popular is ReverbNation, though? Well, at the moment, it holds songs from four million artists. Once again, that’s four million different artists who upload their material on ReverbNation! If that doesn’t put it on the list of the best websites for free music, we don’t know what does.

Other Interesting Websites

There are plenty of pages out there that others consider the best websites for free music, too much to cover in a single text. We will list a few that our readers might want to check out:

1.              SoundCloud

2.              SoundClick

3.              AudioMack


5.              Epitonic

6.              Free Music Archive

7.              Amazon (yes, THAT Amazon)

8.              Bandcamp

9.              Musopen

10.           DatPiff

As readers can see, we purposefully left out some major players like SoundCloud and from our list of best websites for free music. That’s because we wanted to highlight some of the more obscure, but equally great options that exist out there. We urge everyone to remember one thing: if you download for free, make sure it’s legal.

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Updated: May 28, 2019 — 5:26 am

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