Privacy Policy

We, at, are committed to providing the assurance about the protection of user/users personal information and personalize related data. We have listed below all criteria for the same. By entering into our website, you agree on the terms written in the privacy policy.

Information Collection

At this blog, we will collect some information of logged on users/visitors like IP address, browser type, location and profile information.

In the case of registration on our website by visitors, we need to collect some mandatory data such as Name, Age, Gender, Contact detail and e-mail address.

We send the notification on users e-mail address or send the SMS on the contact number about any deviation in the privacy policy, newly entered information related to the user/users and queries regarding our services.

The user may choose “not to send me the notification” or “not to send me the SMS” by changing the notification setting on his e-mail account.

We assure you that we will not misuse or sell this data. We use this information to:

  • Improve our website for providing you the safe & secure knowledge bank.
  • Manage our website at the global level.
  • Security track assessments.
  • Sending you the information via mail or SMS.
  • Improve our services.

Use of Cookies/ Tracking Technologies

We, at this blog, are utilizing the cookies and other tracking technologies to manage the session on our website and recognize the user’s or visitor’s account information and other activities.

Let to inform the users that “Cookies” are the small text file. Cookies/tracking technologies allow saving the personal information like your name, your account (not password), your feedback, your data what you have submitted on our website and your IP address.

We just temporarily hold the details of your activities on our website for session management. Neither we have cookies to save your password nor provide this information to any third party.

If you click on to the advertisement which has been displayed on our website or page, our privacy policy does not cover any cookies activities on that conditions. We are not hosting the advertisements and we are not responsible for any declaration about cookies or any tracking technology used by the advertisement body.

You can configure your browser to reject or accept these cookies. If you configure and apply any of your choices, you can still use our website.

Use of Information by this blog

Our aim is to provide the satisfaction, reliability, and services to you as This blog reader. If needed, we may use the information collected by us like your account details, IP address, e-mail, your queries and other login activities on our website to facilitating you only.

By this information, we get to know the reader’s needs and we can provide him or them the best website design, navigation, services or alerts by mail or SMS or through the newsletter periodically.

User/users may choose to accept or reject the alert/mail services directly to configure their account setting “not to send me the notification” or “not to send me the SMS” by changing the notification setting on his e-mail account.

Updating your information

We provide you the full authority and mechanism to access and modify/update your account, password, personal details, and information anytime and from anywhere.

No one can change, erase or update your personal account setting. It would be done only by you.

If you wish to close your account, we will keep retain your personal account detail and remove it from view


We, at this blog, contain or may contain the links to other websites. We, at this blog, are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of another website(s) or advertisement(s).

We encourage the user(s) and visitors to carefully read the privacy policies of other owner’s website(s) before using such another website(s). Our privacy policy applies only to our website and the activities are done by the user(s) on our website. It does not apply on the advertisement or other(s) website(s).


A newsletter will be marked to the user(s) or registered account periodically through the e-mail. If we make any changes in our policy and our services or our providing facilities through the website or on the website, we mail our user(s) periodically.

We may collect your personal information as e-mail ID, IP address, browser type and submitted information for facilitating you.

User(s) may choose to accept/subscribe or reject/unsubscribe the newsletter(s) by the setting option of his/her account.


Advertise on our website may be delivered to the users by this blog or advertising partners. Cookies may be set by the advertisement partners to recognize your account when they send you to advertise.

The cookies set by the advertising owner or partner(s) will allow the server to recognize the personal and browser information submitted by you to recognize the click on information, your computer uses for this particular and your area of interest.

this blog will not responsible the use of cookies by another advertiser(s).


The security of personal data of member(s) account is very important to us. We strive hard to protect your account details by the unauthorized access and unlawfully access. We restrict the access of other job functions and technical staff to the member’s account. We use the mechanism to protect the information of the user that is stored in our database.

There is no mechanism to provide the 100% security assurance on the internet or in electronic storage. While we provide the maximum input for information protection but we are not sure that of the usage/misusage of your account information or personal details.

It is a hardware and software technology and we do not make the guarantee that your personal details will remain personal.

For any assistance please mail us on

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We, at this blog, reserved all rights to update, change, modify & amend the privacy policy without mark any prior notification. If we need to do so we can do it anytime with full authority. All updates regarding any deviation in privacy policy can be viewed on this page.

Our viewer(s) and user(s) need to view this policy frequently any time. All changes will automatically come into effect from the date of modification.

We are visioning to provide the better service day by day and for this, we need to make some new initiatives for your better end. Every single update will send to the user(s) by notification.


We, at this blog, shall not be liable for any damage(s) or loss(s) by reason of any disclosure (inadvertent or otherwise) of member’s account/information or other personal related details/data.

In the case of using credit card/debit card, we do not store the personal data for further usage. While the transaction is over once, we move all data to the off-line so that no one can use this data and your precious information does not fall into wrong hands.

We assure the maximum security but not the 100%.