10 Best Professional Ringtones

Imagine this situation — a young man is walking into a business meeting with an important client. He had practiced his speech, had a haircut, and carefully selected his outfit for that day. After all, he wants the clients to see him as a capable professional. He begins his presentation, so confident, and everything seems to be going perfectly. But then — a disaster. Suddenly, those catchy notes of Despacito start playing on his phone. He tries to silence it quickly, but the damage is already done. No one can take him seriously with such a ringtone.

As it happens, scenes like this one are quite common. With so many ringtones to choose from, it’s hard to pick a serious one. However, just as people form their opinions based on looks, social status, and manners, they may also judge someone based on their ringtone.

We understand that silly, cartoonish ringtones and animal sounds can be fun and seem cool. Yet, no one wants to be embarrassed if their phone starts ringing at the office, in a meeting, or during a job interview. So, it’s best to stay away from these childish tunes despite their awesomeness.

We believe that anyone who wants to leave a lasting impression in a business environment needs to have a ringtone that suits their professional image. Therefore, we’ve selected some of the best professional ringtones that will make any businessperson seem sophisticated and competent.

10 Fantastic Ringtones for Business Professionals

1. The Professional Ring

The Professional Ring is by far our favorite professional ringtone. Since it sounds like a real phone, no one will pay attention to it or feel offended because of it. It’s a traditional and safe option. In addition, it’s quite easy to notice — it can’t be mistaken for a song heard on the radio. So, with this ringtone, missing a call is not likely.

2. The Professional Style 

While this ringtone is not as traditional as the previous one, it sounds quite professional. Still, it’s pretty unusual. In fact, it reminded us of some thriller movie intros. The Professional Style is a great way to personalize a phone but still remain serious.

3. Nice Music Ringtone

Fans of guitar sounds and serenades will love this ringtone. Nice Music Ringtone is quite romantic and stylish. Yet, since it is a slow-beat instrumental, it sounds classy and professional. We love it so much because it suits the working environment but is also relaxing and fun enough to impress our friends and family.

4. Instrumental Beat Tune

Next up, we have another instrumental ringtone that will not embarrass you in front of your boss or clients. What makes this ringtone so special is that it’s rather high-pitched. So, even if the phone rings in a noisy office, it’s pretty hard to miss it.

5. The Violin Ringtone

There is something about classical music that screams “classy.” Thus, it’s only natural that our list includes a classical violin piece. This tune is slow enough so it’s not disruptive, and fast enough to avoid being dull. With this ringtone, no one will bat an eye or judge, even if the phone rings during a meeting.

6. We Have All the Time in the World Ringtone

Louis Armstrong is certainly one of the greatest jazz musicians in history, and his hit We Have All the Time in the World is legendary. So, why not use it as a ringtone? The song intro is a nice and smooth instrumental, which gets even better once Louis’ raspy voice starts singing. This ringtone is a perfect pick for those who prefer using actual songs rather than generic ringtones. Still, because the song is a true classic, no one will frown upon your ringtone. On the contrary — it may earn you some respect from your boss.

7. Imagine Ringtone 

One can’t make a mistake with John Lennon. Imagine is one of the most recognizable songs in the world and incredibly beloved. The mix of piano sounds and Lennon’s soft voice makes this ringtone interesting but classy enough. Therefore, it’s perfect for any working environment. Just don’t get surprised if the Beatles fans in the office start obsessing over your phone.

8. Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon Ringtone

In every office, there are bound to be at least a couple of die-hard Pulp Fiction fans. So, setting the Urge Overkill’s hit Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon as the ringtone is a relatively safe choice. Moreover, this song has a relatively fast beat for a ballad and it’s very hard to miss it.

9. Walk the Line Ringtone

Here is another must-have ringtone for movie buffs and guitar fans. Johnny Cash’s Walk the Line is perfect for those who love their ringtones to be a bit more dynamic and still remain professional. Besides being classy and serious, this famous tune will make anyone seem like a true music connoisseur.

10. Nokia Tune

Finally, we have the most popular ringtone in the world, the one and only — Nokia Tune. In the last couple of decades, the Nokia Tune has become a synonym for a ringtone. Everyone knows it and everyone loves it. What’s more, this ringtone has evolved and now there are plenty of varieties. We can choose between monophonic and polyphonic versions and pick the variation with our favorite music instrument.

Bottom Line

Many people believe that for a ringtone to be professional, it needs to be slow, boring, and monotone. However, our list of best professional ringtones proves that this is not the case. A good, polite ringtone doesn’t need to be standard and generic. It can be a movie soundtrack, a classical piece, a rock ballad, or even a country hit.

So, we have included different types of ringtones to show that there are plenty of ringtone options that can make us look serious. These ringtones will not disrupt a working day or attract negative attention. On the contrary, they make us seem classy, sophisticated and, above all, professional.


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Updated: November 30, 2019 — 6:09 am

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