Top MP3 Downloader Apps to Improve Your Music Experience

Without music, the world would be a rather quiet and boring place. Whether while stuck in traffic, running, or doing household chores, it’s great to have our favorite music on our phones to make every step of the way more fun. For this reason, we’ve made a selection of the top MP3 downloader apps.

Back in the day, downloading music was a complicated process. First, we had to find quality mp3 websites, download music to our computers, and then finally transfer it to our phones. With the rise of Wi-Fi and high-speed data networks, we can now do it all directly from our phones or other portable devices through apps.

However, picking the right app for downloading music can be tricky. Play Store is full of apps that don’t have a wide offer of songs, some are loaded with ads, and some just don’t work. Therefore, check out our list of top MP3 downloader apps to find the best, high-quality apps.

Our Top MP3 Downloader Apps


Spotify is the most popular app for downloading and streaming music for a good reason. It truly is one of the top MP3 downloader apps.

With over 20 million tracks, Spotify library offers an incredibly wide selection of music. Moreover, it includes all the latest singles and albums. You can also create your own playlists or use the already existing ones, and share your favorite songs with friends.

While the free version offers relatively good features, Spotify Premium offers an immensely better experience. With a Premium account, you can listen to music even when you’re offline, and there are no ads to interrupt your favorite tracks. Besides, Spotify Premium includes a high-quality sound.

Spotify is available in many countries, including the US, Australia, New Zealand, most European countries, and parts of Asia.


While SONGily is great for both streaming and downloading, the great news is that all downloads are absolutely free! Moreover, the downloaded tracks aren’t limited to the app. On the contrary, they work with other apps, so you can transfer them to other devices, share with friends offline via Bluetooth, or set them as the ringtone.

While SONGily doesn’t offer as many tracks as some other apps, all the latest songs from the top charts are available and easily searchable.

Download MP3 Music

Here is another one of our top MP3 downloader apps that’s completely free. With Download MP3 Music, you can search and play songs online, or download them for later.

Moreover, this great app offers a wide choice of tracks, and all genres are included. Therefore, it’s useful not just for those who listen only to the latest hits, but also for fans of older or less popular artists.

The interface is incredibly user-friendly, and songs are easy to find. In addition, the downloaded files can be shared, transferred, or used with other apps.

The downsides of this app are that it can be a bit slow, and it’s not add-free. Still, Download MP3 Music is a great source of free music.

Amazon Prime Music

Of course, we can expect only the best from such a big online shopping brand like Amazon.

Amazon Prime Music offers plenty of useful features, such as streaming or downloading an unlimited number of songs. The choice of songs is wide, and there are songs by both popular and not-so-popular musicians.

Moreover, with Amazon Prime, we have a possibility to create customized playlists, but it also has its own playlists that are updated daily. Finally, it has full Alexa support, which makes the user experience far better.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music has become quite popular in the last couple of years. It’s no wonder, since the developers keep adding all sorts of upgrades regularly.

Wynk Music music library has about 1.8 million songs. However, what makes it different from other similar apps is that we didn’t find only songs in English, but also songs in various other languages. Therefore, if you want to listen to both currently most popular hits and songs from your favorite Bollywood movies, this might be the top MP3 downloader app for you.

The interface is both visually appealing and incredibly user-friendly. In addition, the app has some great searchability options. We love the fact that you can search for songs not only by their title, but also by the artist, genre, or your current mood.

Airtel users will love this app, as they will get a free subscription. Nonetheless, even other operator users will find this app quite inexpensive. In any case, we recommend getting a Premium account, as it will remove all those annoying ads.


While Gaana is primarily designed for the Indian market, its library includes 10 million songs in both English and Hindi. Moreover, there are thousands of pre-made playlists based on different genres, but you can also create your own playlists.

In addition, Gaana also features non-stop online access to radio stations. Also, if you like singing out loud to your favorite tunes, Gaana tracks feature song lyrics, so you can turn the experience into a karaoke party.

Of course, we recommend getting a Premium account, as it includes multiple useful features. With Gaana Premium, you can download as many songs as you wish, you’ll enjoy HD high-quality music and get rid of the popup ads. Finally, the Premium version enables syncing with five different devices.


If you’re a hard-core jogging or fitness fan, RockMyRun will be the top downloading app for you.

This app offers a wide choice of downloadable music tracks that are specifically designed for workouts. You can set the tempo and the beat per minute to match your own workout session tempo. Moreover, you can filter the pre-made playlists and choose those that have the same duration as your training.

If you get bored with your regular gym playlist, this is a great app for you as it will make your workout sessions more fun and keep you motivated.


When it comes to choosing the right app for downloading music, the options are endless. Our top MP3 downloader apps are all high-quality and offer different sorts of features. Whichever product you choose, we’re sure you won’t regret it.

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Updated: August 9, 2019 — 3:50 am

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