NASA Releases Space Ringtones

Cell phones, let alone smartphones, didn’t exist back in 1969 when NASA landed the first man on the moon. What’s more, today’s smartphones are more powerful than the Apollo Guidance Computer that took humankind to the moon and back. So, when NASA released a collection of space ringtones on their website, it got me thinking about how far we’ve come since then.

To me, space always seemed like something too abstract — something unreachable. But with NASA’s space ringtones, I can keep a small part of space in my pocket — almost literally. Whenever my phone rings, I’m reminded of the greatest accomplishments of mankind.

What kind of space ringtones can you download?

I used to think that custom ringtones were a thing of the past. Most iPhone users have a hard time customizing their ringtones, as Apple doesn’t exactly make it easy. Android users, on the other hand, don’t have that problem.

Luckily, everyone can download NASA’s space ringtones — both iPhone and Android users. But iPhone users might have to jump through hoops to add these ringtones to their iPhone. In any case, it will be worth the hassle because the sounds are otherworldly.

Historic missions

NASA’s space ringtones library is full of amazing sound bites from historic and current space missions. The scientists at NASA have done a killer job with its space ringtones — they are completely free, and there are lots of sounds available.

For example, it’s possible to download various sound bites from the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. Among them are Neil Armstrong’s famous words: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

For all those space nerds out there, space snippets are also fantastic conversation starters. What’s more, they can brighten our day, at least for a moment. For example, is there a better ringtone for our boss than “Houston, we’ve had a problem?”

There are a lot of snippets we can play with, like the quotes from Apollo 8 astronauts wishing people on Earth a Merry Christmas and other fun.

Recent missions

Besides memorable words as ringtones, NASA also has a mesmerizing collection of space roars. Space lovers can now download true alien-like sounds from deep space and other planets.

For example, the sounds of interstellar plasma or lighting on Jupiter make for a unique ringtone. Mars enthusiasts will enjoy the sounds recorded by the Mars Lander. Unfortunately, these don’t make for good ringtones, as they aren’t loud enough. What’s more, the sound bites only contain the sound of Martian winds blowing.

Those of us who are more down to Earth, NASA’s got our back as well. We can listen to chorus radio waves from Earth’s atmosphere or set takeoff rocket booster sounds as our ringtone.

Space ringtones are available for download directly from NASA’s website, but Android users can also get them through NASA’s official app.

However, iPhone users don’t have that luxury and will have to use either the NASA website or iTunes. But, as mentioned, the good news is that all space enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on these amazing sounds for free! A little hassle is worth it.

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Updated: November 30, 2019 — 6:09 am

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